We are a non-profit organization, focused on the design, implementation and monitoring of sustainability programs, whose purpose is to improve the living conditions of the communities in Santa María Cahabón, attending to their health, nutritional, economic development and education needs.


To work together so that communities in Alta Verapaz can thrive through sustainability programs, in which every child, every family and every community thrives so they can have a future with better opportunities.


To accomplish sustainable changes in the communities through programs focused on health, economic development and education which are consistent to the community’s social and environmental surroundings to create a better future.


Support the efforts to reduce the extreme poverty, inequality and exclusion in which the community lives. 


Modify the paternalistic approach that has spread in the communities and replace it with that of shared value.


Promote the use of technological tools that enable the access to sources of information.

Santa María Cahabón

We are located in Santa María Cahabón. Municipality of the department of Alta Verapaz, about 300 north of the city.

Surrounded by mountains and mighty rivers

Population of 70,275 (2019) divided in 196 communities

General Poverty

Extreme Poverty


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